Welcome to the Magdalene Chapel


 The Magdalene Chapel in Oakland opened in 2007, although it has always existed in many places and in many hearts.  Since 2010, the gnostic eucharist of the Order of Miriam of Magdala has been celebrated here on Saturday mornings. We are deeply grateful to Bishop Rosamonde Ikshvàku Miller for entrusting us with this sacred ritual which she has celebrated in her Sanctuary since 1978.


All are welcome!
Magdalene Chapel
482 C - 49th Street
Oakland, CA 94609
Saturday morning Eucharist at 9:00 AM
(occasionally this changes)
For the current schedule,
please contact mary@sagrada.com

“Sophia and the Logos”  written by California iconographer Carrie Rehak

“Sophia and the Logos”
written by California iconographer Carrie Rehak

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The Gnostic Sanctuary in Redwood City: Holy Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday at 10:30AM with
Bishop Rosamonde presiding.
Redwood Junction, 2682 Middlefield Road, Suite J, Redwood City, CA 94063 

About its founder: Bishop Rosamonde Ikshvàku Miller (Tau Rosamonde) is a modern "Urban Mystic," a term she coined to denote a full mystic living effortless in an urban setting or, as she describes it, an antibody into the bloodstream of religion and the world. She is an ordained priest (1974) and a consecrated Gnostic Bishop (1981) as well as hierophant of the Holy Order of Miriam of Magdala (1962), and has made this lineage available for the first time in its long history. Tau Rosamonde extracts the living wisdom of the ancient Gnostics, as well as that of the sages of diverse spiritual philosophies and traditions, modern science and, especially, upon her own experience of Gnosis. For more information see http//www.gnosticsanctuary.org